Last night I had a dream…
…of overcoming gravity. It was like sitting in a car and driving slowly (with no car around me at all).
My left arm outstretched, I held a kind of walkie-talkie… as if to make
the many people walking around there believe that I float because of
an instrument’s effect (and not because of my own ability)…
…and indeed, I could pass without causing a sensation.

‘We wish you a pleasant flight’ 😉 ,

2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Whoa….Pretty out there M…Wonder why the instrument was making you fly and not you? Hope you had a good flight wherever you went and it’s interesting that you went unnoticed!! Things are speeding up pretty quickly now. We’re getting close M…..VK

  2. Fillandra says:

    Vk, she needed the instrument only to pretend that it is not her.
    Two nights ago I had a similar dream. I was flying around and people were hunting me like a cat hunts a bee. But they weren’t afraid, just fascinated.
    Love love love,

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