Pisces Full Moon today…

… touching a sensitive point of my astro chart, reinforcing the effect.
I decided:

‘While I let sadness flow out of my body
(in order to dissolve)
I can be of service’

Creative Healing Day to All,

4 thoughts on “Pisces Full Moon today…

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    I’ve been feeling the buildup for days now…Huge headaches. It should be a douzy for sure. Gonna lay low. Have a good one M…..VK

  2. What a beautiful affirmation. Lovely. I hope it has passed well for you. It was one wild big blue moon, as I like to call it! I had a huge release, one really neat experience, tons of insights that were crucial to have, and well, lets just say me and my family were so “moon crazy” that we were hardly ourselves this weekend. It was powerful, but this time, instead of all pain and release as has been for me during these times, I actually had some genuine laughs with my family. I was even able to watch a few movies that took me away for awhile. I am not the same person. Hard to believe it is already the 5th or 6th, but then again, not really! It will be October like tomorrow! 🙂

    • AMA says:

      Thank you for sharing. Nice to read that you’re happy!
      Made a leap and finally planted the Buddleja (a summer present for my mother) on that day. My daughter helped me to dig the hole. We just had finished as it started to pour like from buckets (the watery Pisces Full Moon…)

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