Autumn Joy

I’ve been planting again… (I plant my way to ascension 😉 )
… providing the bees with flowers that replace in bloom lavender shrubs and other aromatic herbs in the garden. I love pink… delighted in different stonecrop plants, one of them called ‘Autumn Joy’.
Bees are happy (me too).

Humming Day,

4 thoughts on “Autumn Joy

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Good Morning M….Sounds like you have been blissfully busy in your garden. I hope sometime you will post a picture of of your space. I know you so enjoy being out there. Enjoy your fall and your garden and your birds. All of my swallows have departed 😦 but all the fall warblers are here and of course the bluejays are squawking loudly as are the crows…Have a good one….VK

  2. charltonestatetrust says:

    I like the style of this blog. Well done!

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