Growing Home

…yes, this is more than going home…
my body needs some down time again to adjust, due to the current enormous energy influx.
Although the most severe shifting processes happened to me last decade (mostly sinus issues until I thought I would sneeze my whole brain out at last), now the next body update needs to be installed,
so as to speak, and correspondingly my sleep patterns are interrupted.

I managed to enjoy the benefits of such an altered situation, like listening to the silence of the night (love it, because of heavy traffic on the main street at day times) or the atmosphere of my dreams (falling snow, covering plants in winter) all that appeared very peaceful to me.

Safe journey home to All,

Afternoon update:
I sit in quiet reading about the next New Moon (in Virgo)

2 thoughts on “Growing Home

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey M….I hear you with the adjustments and the huge energy influx coming in. I fell down the stairs yesterday I was so off balance. Freaked me out but then I laughed once I quit bouncing and got to the bottom of the stairs. I’m still here and functioning. I wish you happy adjustments. Thanks for the new moon link…Blessings…VK

    • AMA says:

      Oh, VK! Phew!!! I am very glad that your body stayed intact and that you had not lost your sense of humor…
      All the best,

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