Closing of a Cycle

For many months now I enjoyed to have a blog, according to a vision, and to share my insights with you.
My vision has come true and therefore I close this blog now.



Early Morning Magic

5 a.m. CEST. I open the window and find an amazingly clear sky.
I hear the kew-wick of a Tawny Owl and look at the Winter Circle:
The Pleiades high above ( I notice myself giving a reply inside, a loud ‘good morning!’) and the constellation of Orion, Jupiter travelling between them, Sirius to the east. Many, many other stars…
…and a shooting star.

Top of the morning to you!


Still need a lot of time to rest. What do I do in between?
I read, like and comment nice posts ;), go out into the garden, come in and play with my birds, eat, drink and… fall asleep. Wake up again, make intentions for the new day, sit and meditate, watch my thoughts, choose ones that make me feel better, then act along my inner input, in short, hold my frequency.
Sometimes I feel my body vibrate before my consciousness retreats into the back of my brain ventricles… and I’m ‘off’ (asleep).