About AMA

This is the name I ‘got’ a decade ago while working with a book
containing a course of uniting with the Higher Self.
I found many meanings in our languages for it
and especially like (japanese) ‘pearl diving woman’
(deep diving into physicality, coming back with a pearl of experience 😉 ).
I mostly feel at ease with these AMA-zing times, (finally)…
There is a deep knowing when I am sitting quietly
or while I am out in nature.
And NOW it has become a tangible experience:
we (humanity) are shifting rapidly.

My earthly home is located on the periphery of a metropolitan area in Europe and therefore blessed with the vicinity of extended forests that cover  the Central Uplands, providing  fresh air and beautiful high paths to walk on (for getting new insights 😉 )…

I like to share my insights with you. Enjoy

UPDATE (late Dec. 2012)
The Solstice Gate was a powerful energetic event for me.
I feel different. Higher. Happier.
New sharings: click here

6 thoughts on “About AMA

  1. amoonfull says:

    Beautiful description of you and your Self 🙂

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, AMA 🙂
    Lots of Love and Bubbles your way !

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